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About Us

Star Electrical Services, is a premium specialty electrical service provider with unrivalled experience and unparalleled service in the industrial, residential and commercial sector. We are a team of experienced individuals who are passionate about assisting our customers, by providing them with quality electrical solutions and services. From lighting installations to whole house wiring, electrical panel repairs to power management you can rely on Star Electrical Services for all your commercial and residential electrical requirements. Our industry experience and customer service are the founding blocks on which our organisation is built. The collective experience of our company's management gives us the strong ability to tackle any kind of project. Our dedicated management and company values set us apart from the market competition as a reputable electrical company providing premium service and customer satisfaction.

Company Values
To provide outstanding customer service, honesty, quality, dedication, teamwork, to have a positive attitude towards problems faced during the process, take pride in what we do, continually strive for success and improvement, treat people the way we want to be treated, and to create an working atmosphere where people are happy and contended.

Star Electrical Services treats the safety practices of its workers as an essential part of our operations. Safety measures are taken and implemented each and every day in the actions and decisions made in the field process. Star Electrical services reinforces its safety measures and practices with weekly safety meetings, use of PPE, record keeping, substance abuse policy, accident investigation, new employee orientations, employee safety training classes, regular job site inspections, pre-planning for new site safety, and regular performance reviews are all important aspects of our safety program.

Training and professional development of its employees is a key aspect to any organization and Star Electrical Services recognizes this. Through our company continuous education initiative we believe in developing our management and professional electricians. Our all apprentices go through a state mandated training program that includes the all important classroom education and hands on training in the actual field. Prior to becoming certified electrician of our organisation an apprentice must have the required formal education along with on field training. All of our company's electricians are state certified with on field training and have successfully completed the required apprenticeship program. Star Electric services sponsors our certified electricians to continually attend advance training sessions to develop further expertise in the areas of their skill. This venue has created a team of professional electricians at Star Electric services who have the required skills and knowledge to meet our clients’ most challenging electrical service requirements.